If you feel that your ecommerce business has hit a rut and is very much in need of a boosting, then you should turn to application technology. There are a host of apps out there that will help you to optimize your online store — they’ll help you to improve its branding practices, its distribution process, and a number of other all-important aspects.

To see how apps can boost your ecommerce business, as well as what specific ones you should be utilizing, read on.

Apps can help you to integrate with other stores

If you want your online store to stand any chance of survival, then you need to be integrating it with other, far more powerful players in the ecommerce industry — this means integrating it with the likes of Amazon and eBay so that you can stand a chance of tapping into their vast customer bases. An application that will allow you to do this is SellerCloud, details of which can be found at www.sellercloud.com. By utilizing the services that they offer, you would be able to create eBay listings, process eBay orders, and manage your external inventory all via one central location.

Apps can boost your store’s smartphone presence

The ecommerce industry has been changed forever by smartphone technology. No longer are people having to sit down at computers to search through online shops — they’re now using their phones to perform this task instead. It’s easy to see why this is the case, as mobile technology can be used anywhere and at any time. It offers more convenience.

There’s no doubt about it, you really should be doing all you can to boost your ecommerce business’s smartphone presence and make your store easy to access and use on mobile devices. Following are a number of different apps that will help you to do just that.

Shopify Mobile. In this easy-to-use app provided by Shopify, you’ll be able to find everything that you need to be able to boost your store’s smartphone accessibility. You’ll be able to use this app to capture payment, track your stock inventory, measure your sales, fill and fulfill orders, and even create new products. This app worlds particularly well on the Galaxy S6 edge smartphone.

Google Analytics. Being able to track your store’s smartphone interactions, leads, and click rates is just as important as being able to track your inventory and stock — the Google Analytics app makes performing these all-important tasks a breeze.

Facebook. When it comes to advertising your ecommerce store, the Facebook app is one of the best that you can use. The best thing that this app offers you is the chance to interact with your customers promptly and in real-time.

WordPress. In order to keep your business current and popular, you need to constantly add to your site — if you’re always on the run, then you’ll probably be able to attest to the fact that this is easier said than done. The WordPress app, however, makes this not only possible but simple. It allows you the chance to update your site and upload additions to it, such as blog posts, using your own mobile device.

Hootsuite. As yours is an online business, your social media feeds and channels are quintessential to everything that you do on your advertising front. The Hootsuite app will allow you to keep tabs on everything that happens with regards to your social media, which will then help you to build a better social presence going forward.

If you haven’t started using apps in your quest to boost your ecommerce business, then it’s time you now did.

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