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Keep our children safe with emergency preparedness apps for schools.

Lockdown Notifications

Mobile notifications can be sent to your users at any time. Notify parents when the school is doing a drill, or is having an emergency. See below for an example of this feature in action.


General Information

Keep an easily accessible running record of general school information. Shorten the distance between your parents and the school administration.


Event Notifications

Everyone loves events, but it’s hard to attend something you were unaware was happening. Notify parents and students about special events to drive attendance.


School Emergency Alert Apps

No more outdated
phone trees

Sutter Middle School in Sacramento, CA was able to notify parents immediately when the school went on lockdown.

Download the Sutter Middle School app on iOS HERE

Discount Offer for all Schools, School Districts, and First Responders

As parents ourselves, we are concerned about the ongoing school shootings and emergencies. We created the Sutter Middle School app when our daughter was a student there, and not that long after it was launched, we got the above push message that the school was on lockdown. Quick and immediate, and we didn’t even get the phone tree message until after the second “all-clear” push message.

We can’t help with the politics of gun control or hardening schools, but we can help with notifications. Our School Alert Apps can help the school with day-to-day notifications, collect information from parents or students, provide a sports and event calendar and more. But the key is the immediacy of push notifications during an emergency. Regardless of the emergency – natural disaster or man-made – push messaging is the fastest and most complete method of reaching the school stakeholders.

Fifteen percent of all households don’t have a landline phone anymore. More than 90% of all adults with a smartphone have it within 10 feet of them at all times. And most people aren’t at home during the day. The smartphone is the easiest, and fastest way to reach the majority of the people in your school community.

We hope there isn’t another mass shooting at a school. We hope there aren’t any more school shootings. But until they stop, we want to make sure any school that wants an app can get one. We’ll work with any budget to help you out. Contact us below or call us at 877-913-1776 and let us know who you are and how we can help you communicate more efficiently with the students, parents and local first responders in your area.


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