Art Walks
The perfect example of how location-based notifications can benefit the community. Create an immersive art walk experience.


Art walks, art history museums, and public artwork are just a few fantastic applications for our geolocation and location-based apps. Guide your city’s visitors and locals through all of the rich cultural artwork throughout your city. You can reward your users based on how many sites they’ve visited, if they have visited a group of connected sites, or prompt your users to appreciate the beautiful talent and craftsmanship around town.


Built to perform.

Let’s take a look at how geolocation can integrate into your art walk.


Organize all the participants and locations in the app so users can find them easily



Organize all your data so users can filter to just what they want to see


Add beacons to alert users when they’ve reached an interesting place or object

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With our online CMS, you can update your app as often as you need


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