You’ve created an app, and you want to see it become successful and widely used, naturally. Your first downloads are going to be from your friends and family, and this is a good starting point, but you need to influence wider and larger circles after this. If you’re extremely confident in your design and believe you’ve created something that’s worth downloading, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t think big and try to reach international audiences with your product. The further afield you’re able to reach, the greater chance you have of appealing to thousands of people, even tens of thousands, and why stop there? If your app is good enough, you have the potential to reach millions of people worldwide. Find out how best to make this happen and get your mobile app noticed.

Find Your Market

To appeal to many more people, you need to know who are already interacting with your product. Using this data, you can further appeal by targeting audiences using trends and creating content that you’re assured will be a hit. You need to collect data from your users, and then pool your findings to analyze them. Once you’ve determined who’s using your mobile app, you then have the upper hand in trying to reach as many users as possible. You can perform something called blogger outreach available through an expert company such as Click Intelligence, which entails letting your services be used for free to those who will write about your product in the public eye to chiefly to spread the word on a large scale and advertise for you. You should be looking to get your product positively reviewed and mentioned on websites and blogs to appeal to a large blog following.

Try Different App Stores

Generate more interest by ensuring that your app is marketed across different app stores aside from the large and obvious ones, like Apple and Google. There’s also the Amazon app store as well as the Windows one. Less crowded marketplaces could bring you a fresher audience, as your app may well be able to battle through the overpopulated competition to be seen. Determine which app store will be most lucrative for your app and advertise it on there.

Use Keywords

Let’s face it, there are over one million apps available on Google and Apple, and the ones ranked in the top 100 are going to be really rather good. Getting your app to appear in the top 100 straight away is going to be unlikely unless your app is outstandingly brilliant, helpful and a must have. In order to begin ranking somewhere in the list, your app has to be downloaded and enjoyed. Get your mobile app noticed by using an optimized keyword strategy and enhancing the likelihood of your creation being noticed after a search looking for similar content. App Store Optimisation (ASO) helps you determine where your app ranks in terms of picking up keywords after a conducted search. Use this to help you figure out where your app is placing, and begin utilizing keywords if you know that you could benefit from seeing your app appear higher up on the list of all other apps.

Make Great Screenshots

People are visual. When they’re looking at apps in the App Store, they’re more likely going to look at your screenshots over than tap to read your description of your app. So your screenshots need to sell your app and convince potential users to download your app instead of someone else’s.

You can use a screenshot tool like to frame your screenshots in a phone and add text above or below your screenshot to tell your story. Make sure your screenshots take the user through the benefits of your app and why it’s the best app for the job. You can make vertical and horizontal screenshots with, so take advantage of that if you have a sideways screen in your app. Itunes now allows up to 10 screenshots, so you have plenty of opportunities to show off your best pages and aspects of your app. For more great ideas about marketing your app with screenshots, check out our other article on medium, 13 Ways to Promote Your App With Screenshots.

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