Many companies, new and old, have a smartphone app to complement their website and make them a more convenient and accessible business. If your company has created an app, but download numbers are not as high as you would like, you have come to the right place.


This short article will give words of advice on how to use both standard and app-based search engine optimization to boost download numbers and increase interest and engagement in your mobile presence. 


Use Backlinks to Your App’s Landing Page

Backlinks – hyperlinks embedded in text on other, reputable websites that return to your website – are an essential part of SEO. By having these links between your website and others around the world, search engines will look favorably upon you and start to lift you higher up their results pages. 


What you should be doing, more than simply creating backlinks to your general website is creating backlinks to your app’s landing page. This landing page, where you explain what your app is, how to download it, and what it’s benefits are, will then rank higher of its own accord and receive more traffic. You should gain more downloads as a result. 


Keep People on Your Page

Your app landing page, and other pages on your website, should be designed in a way that keeps visitors on it for longer. Not only does having a page filled with engaging, easy to read content and strategically placed calls-to-action increase the chances of a visitor signing up to your mailing list, making a purchase, or downloading your app, but it also boosts your SEO.


Enlist the Help of Experts 

For any assistance in a digital marketing vein, there are few better options than enlisting the help of some experts. Digital marketing agencies such as can manage SEO campaigns for you, helping you meet targets and build your brand’s reputation on the internet. 


Having increased brand recognizability in this manner goes hand in hand with improving the number of app downloads you receive. By having a website that is heavily visited and enjoyed by online traffic, more will be likely to be interested in your app. 


Use App Store Optimization

Similar to SEO, ASO (App Store Optimization) is how you can bring your app higher up results pages within smartphone app stores. There are a number of tools that you can adopt to boost this, or you can spend time researching the use of keywords. As the majority of app downloads come from organic searches within app stores, you should analyze how your competitors use keywords and try to better them. 

Promote the App in Your Blog

Finally, if you have a blog, use it to promote your app. 

A blog is the perfect example of a simple SEO booster – refreshed content, longer time spent on pages, increased traffic, and internal links are all superb for healthy SEO – and should be used to market your products and services. Your app is no exemption, and links to its landing page or app store location should be included. 

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